Step 1 Clear The Clutter

The CogMo System Step 1 – Clear the Clutter

You may be thinking it’s time to clear out the closets and pack up a bunch of boxes for the Goodwill. Well, that is a great idea but it’s already taken, it’s called spring cleaning. What we are talking about here is clearing the clutter of your life’s direction. Clearing a life path so that you minimize the obstacles as much as possible. This of course, is much easier said than done but we we are going to suggest to you here in Step 1 are a few simple ideas to consider and put into practice to get you moving in that direction.

Remember, this is all about creating and sustaining Cognitive Momentum so nothing has to get done in a day, a week or even a year. In fact, this is a life long process that will evolve with your progress and accomplishments.

– Get Rid of the Romantic Wishes Forever

I once wished to be an NBA player, then I realized the work involved and all of a sudden I really didn’t want it that bad. It’s not that I am afraid of hard work, I have a fantastic work ethic but the romance of becoming an NBA player was way greater than the reality of it. Thank God I learned that quickly. This is just one example of many that I romantically wished for until I started pursuing the activity and found out that it was not all my vision cracked it up to be.

Here is the reality news (I don’t like the bad news colloquialism). All goals, dreams or aspirations (will be referred to as GDA from now on) are going to be greater in your mind than they are in reality. However, some will be worth trudging through the reality of the goal, dream or aspiration to create what it is you are visualizing. When you aspire do achieve something, then find out it is going to be harder than you though (which is inevitably the case) and you choose to do it anyway, you have a real goal dream or aspiration, not just a romantic wish.

– action

Get rid of all your Romantic Wishes as time moves on. It does not have to be today but here is the criteria. If you are not acting on it again and again for whatever reason, it is a romantic wish and it needs to go.

– You can have more than one GDA, just Prioritize

99% of us will have more than one GDA and that is OK. In fact, as you begin this journey, your natural excitement will kick in and you will come up with all kinds of ideas that actually can be GDA’s (to make sure you differentiate between a GDA and a romantic wish refer back to the first part of this step).

The key to managing all of your GDA’s is to prioritize them. Make one of them the thing you spend the most time with and are actively consistent in working on until you reach at least one benchmark. All the rest can be worked on as you will with consistency or not as long as you stay actively working on it and it does not become a romantic wish.

– action

Decide on the priority GDA. Work it until it is done or until you at least complete a benchmark in that GDA. If you have multiple GDA’s and you wish to switch it up a bit and change your priority, by all means do so but only after you have completed a specific benchmark in the GDA your are currently calling your priority. For example if you want to write a book and build a deck and the book is the priority, set a benchmark with the book and don’t switch to the deck as the priority until you hit the benchmark you set for the book. Your benchmark does not have to be finish the book, it could be finish a chapter or a paragraph a day (you will learn that setting small benchmarks is the key to creating big ones later in this system) but it must be set and it must be reached before you change.

Get Rid of the 98 Percenters

Growing up my parents had a saying, “Be a 2 percenter.” This can be a tough one but also the most liberating of all the steps in your journey to create Cognitive Momentum in your life. There are of course the obvious cases of individuals either involved directly in your life or on the perimeter that are easy to let go of. The negative, angry and victimized folks are some examples of those. I am not talking about them, they, should have been gone a long time ago.

I am talking about the folks with no GDA’s whatsoever or their only GDA is pleasure or entertainment. On the outside they are very nice folks, not generally negative or victims but just don’t really have a drive to do anything. Basically, time wasters with job mentality who’s only plot in life is to go to work and go on vacation.

I have nothing against this lifestyle at all. In fact I do not condemn any person who is responsible and independent. However, if you are a GDA minded individual, these folks are killers. As long as they are seen as acquaintances and interacted with when you, yourself, are looking for a break or entertainment, stay clear of constant contact with them.

– action

This is more of inaction than action. Assess your relationships by asking one simple question, “Does this person further my commitment to creating Cognitive Momentum in my life? If the answer is yes, great, if it is no, either mind that relationship and make it an acquaintance or get rid of it altogether. To do so simply stop calling, making plans or initiating any kind of contact with that person. People by nature are lazy and will mimic your action. You will soon begin to see them fall off one by one. Or even better invite them to a self-help seminar, by days end they will be running for the hills.

Start Over

Step 2 – Create a “Why” that Preserves and Sustains Your CogMo

Step 2 Create a Why; That Preserves and Sustains Your CogMo


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