Welcome to the Cognitive Momentum Resources page. Everything you see here is FREE of charge and will support you on your journey of creating and sustaining Cognitive Momentum! From to-do lists to organize your daily life to Learning how to turn your passion into your voice online! Creating daily Journals or just plain organizing your finances, it is what we use on a daily basis and it is all FREE!


Wealthy Affiliate

Free and Paid subscriptions
This has been an stalwart in The Educated Affiliate's portfolio. The training is amazing and the applications included with the subscription are innumerable . From FREE WordPress websites to FREE Keyword Research tools, you can't beat the value of this community. Best of all they don't just have a free trial they have a FREE Subscription, so you can investigate it indefinitely before you decide to commit.


Free Trial and Paid Subscription
Fantastic daily task manager. I use the FREE version and it works just fine for me. I organize everything from my daily business tasks to vacations reminders and even grocery lists. There is nothing this little tool can't do and it works across all your digital platforms.


Free and Paid Subscriptions
I use this as a daily (well I try to get it done daily at least) journal but also as a note take business planner and all sorts of instances that utilize the written word that you want to keep, treasure, remember or just remind yourself about. It truly is a great source to organize your thoughts.

Personal Finance

Free Video and Spreadsheet
If you live paycheck to paycheck and you want a fail-safe way to not overspend, watch this video and see how this simple spreadsheet can keep you in the know about how much money you have to spend each day. An simple but amazing technique to never pay another over-draft payment again!