Step 2 Create a Why; That Preserves and Sustains Your CogMo


The CogMo System Step 2 - Create a "Why" that preserves and sustains your CogMo

You are about to embark on a life-changing journey. It might be a good idea to think through what it is that will make you not only continue on that journey but provoke a thirst you will never quite be able to quench as you evolve into whatever it is you choose to become. The great thing is there are no rules here. I am not one to say you are not going to become something if you don’t have huge GDA. In fact, you will see as you get further into the system, them smaller and more achievable tasks you set and complete, the faster you will experience and control your Cognitive Momentum! However, it must be something that gets you up and going almost every day (there will be days you just don’t go and that is OK, we will learn what to do with those days later).

- Begin with your top GDA priority

So my top GDA priority (I will call this GDAP from now on) was to go into a simple (notice I didn’t say easy), evergreen, sustainable online business which had no physical products and no clients. So what does that model look like? Well it is basically an affiliate marketing model with personal digital products dispersed throughout. The “Why” behind that idea was to live independently creating the luxury of deciding every morning when I woke up, what I was going to do that day. This doesn’t me I just wanted life to be a free-for-all so that I could drift though it as I choose. Actually, I am a very routine oriented and organized person that enjoys the day to day tasks of life as long as I am the one deciding what those tasks are. However, my “Why” was clear and specific and it keeps me enthusiastic about established ventures and excited about new opportunities I am developing.

– action
The best way that I know how to attack this is simply sit and think about what a perfect day for you would look like. Don’t make the mistake of making it all about entertainment or travel and leisure. I don’t care who you are, no one can sustain a life of shopping, eating and traveling without losing site of a purpose they most likely once had. On a day off, experience what that day would be like. Finally begin to ponder what it would take to get you there. What could you do in the first hour of the day that you can do every day that will keep you moving toward your GDAP.

- This step may take a while

In fact, I am going to say it will take forever because it is a step that is ever evolving into something more. As you accomplish certain “Why’s” you create new ones. This is simply, Cognitive Momentum as it is supposed to work. Most of us get into trouble, and by trouble I mean not finishing what we had every intention of finishing when we started. I suffer from the worst case of “New Shiny Item Syndrome” and always have. Figuring out your “Why” is always exciting because you get to contemplate the end game with all the trimmings. Then reality sets in and you come to find out getting there isn’t half as easy as imagining what there is. Don’t worry, be happy and have patience. If you have not already figured it out this system is based heavily on creative visualization, combined with belief and of course taking action. That process is never quick or predictable. Remember the Phrase, “Today is the first day of the rest of my life” and live by it. More accurately the statement is, “Today is the only day I have for the rest of my life” and so it really doesn’t matter what you did yesterday or what you might do tomorrow. Nike put it best, “Just Do It!”

– action
In the beginning, take a few moments each morning and imagine that perfect day. What type of work does it entail, what exercise will it include and what relaxation methods will be employed. Each day you will begin to pick up routines that are fun and that you look forward to doing every day. For instance, in the beginning I would pray, read, visualize and walk almost every day. Simple routines that I look forward to experiencing. I still do those 4 things every day but from those humble  beginnings I have incorporated many other routines both productive and tranquil. I have built a whole business and life full of activities and enrichment by just starting to develop those simple routines which were and are the foundation of my perfect day, my “Why.”

Step 3 Start To Create Your Daily Momentum

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