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How to Explain the Law of Attraction to Someone

There are very simplistic definitions of the Law of Attraction (LOA), such as, whatever you focus on, positive or negative, you bring into your life experience, and there are complicated ones that delve into metaphysics. The theory of thought being an actual wave or vibration.

I intend to give you a little of both so that you can not only decide for yourself but can start to develop and relate to your personal LOA experiences in such a way that clearly defines whether or not it is real. Once it becomes your experience, you can explain the Law Of Attraction to anyone who would care to explore it. 

There is evidence of this vibration all around us, good and bad. I have described it as Cognitive Momentum, but most call it a good vibe, on a roll, or down on our luck. One coincidence is a coincidence, but one would be remiss and a little idiotic to ignore a slue of these coincidences, especially if they continue to further your objectives over and over.

What do you focus on?

I get up every morning and execute a specific routine. It helps me get the day started. It does not guarantee a successful and productive day, nor does it promise a bad outcome if I happen to miss my routine. However, there is a pattern that seems to follow on the days I complete the act. The day usually ends up being productive and successful. On days that I choose to follow no routine and do what comes to mind, the opposite is true. It typically becomes a day of non-productive confusion or just a day of leisure. These days tend to happen when I am on vacation and, ironically, are planned to be that way.

As I put together a string of these typical days starting with my morning routine, I progress towards my intended goal or task. Because of this discipline, my thoughts can’t help but be direct, positive, and vigilant. In other words, it is challenging for negative thoughts to invade my thought process at that time of day. Since this regimen sets my tone daily, I tend to have a positive attitude, behave decently, and consistently produce good results.

I have a focus that manifests through my thought, which dictates my attitude, which forges my character, formulates my behavior, and decides my actions. There can be an endless discussion on which part of that mental journey is most important, but no one can argue that it all starts with focused thought. Does that focused thought have the power to continue to attract the good and repel the bad? Let’s explore how this may be possible.

Does thought have power?

Everything has a specific vibration to it. All things are in never-ending motion in our cosmos. The thought is apart of that universe of particles, electrons, waves, all of which are vibrating at different frequencies, Quantum Mechanics tells us. Indeed, if you express a thought verbally and out loud in the form of speech, you generate a sound wave that most assuredly either attracts or repels a response. If you do not verbally speak that same thought, does the idea carry any vibration recorded or observed?

We know we can record, observe and even measure thoughts. Thoughts are energy, and if we hook up electrodes to our brains, we can see that we can follow its power each time we have thought. If a thought has an energy and can measure or record it, it can attract or repel.

Therefore the real question in the quest is how do we obtain the skill of attracting through our thoughts? When you break it down, it is no less a talent we can learn than sales or persuasion. I would venture to say most all human beings can shoot a basketball, throw a baseball, or kick a soccer ball. It is also true that most all human beings cannot shoot a basketball like Steph Curry, throw a baseball like Cy Young, or kick a soccer ball like Pele`. The skill of thinking and creating what you think about is no different. Some of us can do it naturally, some practice and get better at it, and some don’t even consider giving it a try. The question is, where does the power lie? Is it in the thought, or the action taken after the idea, or a combination of the two?

We all know someone who seems to get through life without much effort (or so it seems, haha). Either from afar or more intimately, we observe a sort of ease with which they get through whatever it is they want to pursue. It does not mean they are without their share of adversity or even tragedy, but they always seem to find a way, and as they do, they do it with a sense of confidence as if they know something we don’t and that things will be OK.

We are also familiar with the flip side to that person, which is the individual who never seems to catch a break, makes the worst of things, and continuously complains while making excuses about why the bad things happen to them. Can you imagine the opposing thoughts that travel through each of those two minds? Do you think the first person has a much higher thought skill level than the second?

I think it is evident to any observer that this is true. I would say the first person is a much more attractive person than the second. That type of person is more appealing to spend time with, work with, and even more attractive physically, simply because of their outlook, their attitude, which, as described earlier, all starts with the focus of their thoughts.

So arises the chicken and the egg scenario. Does the thought or the action inspired by the thought hold power? I would say they are inseparable. The theory to outwork your competition is a good one. Could you imagine a person who outworks everyone and thinks like a victim or continuously makes excuses or has complaints? I don’t think that would be possible. If they did feel like that, they might have success but would be miserable and that really success?

Similarly, the person who merely meditates is deep in prayer and regularly recites affirmations will not be a non-productive person either. Their priorities and endgame may be different than the workaholic (and I mean that positively), but the effort and purpose will have no less importance in their experience.

The confusion arises when explaining the Law of Attraction describes a leap from the thought directly to the manifestation. Although I believe this ability happens in rare cases, most of us are still learning how to properly use our ideas and promote a sense of confidence in them so that our actions consistently follow through to their success and manifestations.

You can’t get around a few things

Beyond having telekinetic powers, we all have to employ attitude, behavior, and action after thinking if we want to achieve things. You can’t get around that. However, I love the expression, “I make my own luck.” Why do the rich get richer (not monetarily, just an expression), or why do “You set yourself up to fail?” Why do athletes visualize what they do before they do it?

These examples point to your thoughts’ power and what they attract to you, even if it is just confidence or courage to do something you are afraid to do or think you will probably fail to do. A fearful thought can also set you into a downward spiral. It will attract anxiety, worry and undermine your very ability to act.

The irrefutable evidence in everyone’s experience is that thought, action, and result go hand in hand. It goes together like personal instruments working together to create a beautiful symphony. If one of the instruments is missing, the sound mosaic will be incomplete. As you think so will follow your actions. You may fail sometimes, but you will learn if you are paying attention.

No one has to explain the Law of Attraction

I am reasonably confident that you have experienced this law in your life as plainly as you have experienced gravity, Karma, electricity, and Deja Vu. Some are more readily available and discernable, but you would be hard-pressed to find a person on this planet that could not explain or give an example of an experience they had with one of those phenomena.

Therefore, an explanation is not necessary. Much like Cognitive Momentum, you are aware when things are going your way, and we are trying to let you know that you can keep them going that way. We attract many things in our life through many different abilities. If we did not believe that we held this power, we would never have any ambitions or enthusiasm for the possibility of growth or achievement. I could go on for days with examples of this ability, but I don’t have to. All I have to do is awaken the awareness within you. The understanding you had the last time you felt the Law of Attraction working in your life. Sometimes our egos would like to think we did everything we accomplished on our own, but we know that is nowhere near the truth, and if it isn’t, how did we get the help we needed? We attracted it.

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