I Buy Lottery Tickets – This is Why

“Your affirmation succeeds best when it is specific and when it does not produce a mental conflict.” Dr. Joseph Murphy – The Power of Your Subconscious Mind



I am not sure that I have ever heard a financial adviser, Inspirational speaker or spiritual guide give the advice or even share that he or she would or should buy lottery tickets. Not that I can describe myself as any of those classifications, I am more of just a commentator/opinion giver type. However, I will be most like the first of whom you have ever read this type of information or commentary to advise you to go out and buy lottery tickets. It is for a very simple reason actually and that reason is contained in the quote at the start of this post.

Because I purchase these tickets ($20.00 worth every week) I never have any mental conflict. I always literally have a shot at anything I will ever want (that can be paid for) every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. Are the odds horrific, sure they are? However, I hate to be the one to break it to you but all odds in life are horrific if it is something really fantastic you desire. I wanted to play in the NBA when I was a kid. Lottery odds have to be better than that. Some kids work years and years on their game only to not even make the “G” league. I spend $80 a month, big deal. I am not comparing the accomplishment, integrity, work ethic and all those great attributes acquired through all that hard work to lay down a 20 spot once a week at the local lotto store, but my point is they both have long odds with huge payoffs whether the end goal is achieved or not.

– How can it not be a waste if you never win the lottery?

Simple, no mental conflict with your visualizations or affirmations. Now if you are striving to accomplish anything in life, you understand the power of affirmations, creative visualization, and the effect it has on your subconscious mind. However, if you are new to this concept and not quite as successful as you want to be, financially or otherwise, you might have what we call “Mental Conflict.” You know visualizing that new Ferrari or Business with a bustling office, or that trip to Europe for you and the Mrs might be a bit far-fetched given your current situation. Maybe not, some have an unbelievable imagination. However, for those of us who tend to be a bit skeptical, A chance to win millions of dollars, like I have tonight, goes a long way in my thought process when it comes to visualizing my future. I simply ask myself what would I do first.

– But is it practical to even imagine winning the lottery?

Is anything practical when you have that entrepreneurial spirit? All of us are dreamers and that includes those of us that bust our rump in business as well. There are no guarantees in life, business, love… especially love haha. The very reason we accomplish the things we do is because we are impractical when it comes to our beliefs. Some of us really heard it when our folks told us we can be and do anything we want and God forbid, we believed and still do.

– Buying lottery tickets is just a waste of money

Your right if you just buy them and don't use the possibilities of what they represent in any way, they are a total waste of money. Heck, I know folks who don't even check the numbers. It's like they think Lotto will call them if they win, Not that is crazy and that is a waste. I don't do that. I use them to my advantage as explained above.

I will tell you what is a far worse waste of money. Do you smoke? Do you Drink? Do you spend hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars on concert tickets and here is my favorite, Jewelry. I have never seen a bigger waste of money than jewelry. Now don't get me wrong, to each his own and I respect the wants and desires of everybody and their right to enjoy them, but if you want to argue the validity of a lotto ticket purchase and what it means to your positive thought process and absolution of affirmation mind conflict vs. a few hours or even minutes of pleasure from your vice of choice, I'll get in that ring with you any day.

– Make sure you are spending discretionary income

I am not a proponent of gambling but I will play the ponies or blackjack now and again simply for the entertainment of it. Every time I do, as I do with any form of entertainment, I make sure it is in my budget to do so. I never use money to buy lottery tickets with money I don't have for necessities. $80 a month is well within my budget so it then just comes down to a choice of what I want to spend it on. I am extremely responsible with my money and have no gambling issues. I am a Friend of Bill W. so I completely understand and would not recommend this to someone with a gambling addiction. I do not gamble with this money, I am simply purchasing the access to imagine the possibilities that's it. To me, it is worth $80.00 a month.

– This is just one way I direct my thinking

If you could not decipher from the rest of this post, I am a huge proponent of Creative Visualization, Psycho-Cybernetics, the Law of Attraction, Prayer, Meditation, you name it. It is all accomplishing the same thing and that is creating a mindset or attitude that will be with you in the next moment and the next and the next. You can choose to worry, project negative outcomes, fear the worst in every situation or you can do the opposite. I can pretty much guarantee you that both sides of that coin will get exactly what they focus on. Lottery tickets are a mere simple expense that gives me the luxury, the right, no the obligation to dream and dream big and I do it every day.

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