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Is Manifestation Real? Here are the Facts

I would argue that anything that has ever been built or written or painted or molded into clay has first been nothing but a thought and then became real. If Maurice Koechlin never imagined and drew the first sketch, would Eifel ever have his tower? Maybe but it certainly would not look like this.

Eifel Tower

Everything we create is, by definition, “Brought into Existence.” The process of manifestation is undoubtedly real, given the fact that it happens all the time. An idea created conceptually and then made manifest through thought, design, and practice defines the human experience. Manifestation is not only real; it is apart of our everyday daily lives. 

Manifestation critics don't like its cultural meaning

What concerns the critics in using the term manifestation is the belief that somehow it describes a conjuring of sorts, right out of thin air. Although there is an understanding that thought creates our attitude and determines our character, reflecting our behavior, no one in the mindfulness or new thought movement imagines an old man with a long white beard and a pointy hat, making dramatic hand gestures through a puff of smoke.

The idea that we can sit in our recliner all day and think up good stuff to come our way is by no means practical, logical, and certainly not advised in developing the skill of manifestation. However, the use of meditation and visualization is an integral part of this process. You can't get there from here without seeing there in your imagination first. How would you even know where you wanted to go if you didn't?

There are so many who manifest naturally

One of the most significant contributors to manifestation's disbelief is that many folks do it naturally, usually without even realizing that they were born with this skill. We have all heard the cliche beginning, “He was born to…” I have even said it myself on many occasions. The person that doesn't know failure because their focus is on the prize, the vision, and the so-called failing to them is only learning how not to execute their vision.

I didn't fail the test. I just found 100 ways to do it wrong

Benjamin Franklin

Founding Father

A person who has the gift of manifestation seems to do it over and over again. Only expectant confidence consistently brings their vision, concept, or idea into existence without concern in the least with failure. Most of us take many years to develop this skill. Some don't even realize there is such a skill to acquire. Still, others say there is no such skill at all.

The CIA seems to think manifestation is real

Below is a Reddit post with a document from the CIA on a subject they call “Patterning,” which is a part of the “Gateway Process.”

CIA document about Law of Attraction and Dislocated Realities from r/conspiracy

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In this 29 page document, Commander Wayne M. Mcdonnell describes the CIA's involvement in 1983 in everything from Transcendental Meditation to Astral Projection. Right in the middle of all that, they represent our universe or consciousness as an energy hologram simulation.

​The technique of patterning recognizes the fact that since consciousness is the source of all reality, our thoughts have the power to influence the development of reality in time-space as it applies to us if those thoughts can be projected with adequate intensity. 

​​Wayne M. McDonnell


You can hone in on your manifesting skills

The document goes on to describe in general detail what the Gateway Process is, what is the foundation for its creation and why it works. There you have it; the US Government is saying that manifestation is real. This document is not a sales pitch trying to sell you the next best self-help book or course. It is not an ad for CIA recruitment; it isn't even contemporary. In 1983 the CIA made it clear that it was studying this process and putting it into practice.

I want to draw your attention to one phrase in the quote from Commander McDonnel above; “If those thoughts can be projected with adequate intensity.” This comment alone suggests participants develop the skill through technique and practice, but you can even see why and the thorough process for achieving that goal if you read through the entire document.

This information just came to light in 2020 and was done so unceremoniously and without publicity. It suggests that the government had no intention of flaunting this undertaking back in the 1980s but was very dedicated to discovering and executing the Gateway process. It also indicates that the process took time, dedication, and practice. It's not like they were looking for individuals who had psychic or telekinetic abilities. It's not too far of a leap to infer that there were most likely hundreds if not thousands that went through this program. As per usual percentages, most probably washed out, and a small portion developed the skill to a high level. We can never know, but it sure lends itself to lingering possibilities that there is much more to our consciousness and how we can affect our lives with it than meets the eye.

Beware of the proof crowd

Everyone is a skeptic, myself included, and that is a healthy thing. As far as manifesting goes, I'm confident most would agree the concept is far-fetched. I mean, it must have sounded an awful lot, like when Pythagoras proposed that the earth was round sometime in 500 BC. Do you remember when Copernicus discovered that the earth orbits the sun and not the other way around? Of course, you don't that in the 1500s, but man did he suffer for his point of view. I am sure Kennedy lost a few fans when he said he wanted to put a man on the moon, but who is counting.

So you see, many skeptics take their point of view to heart and have a hard time seeing any other perspective. We are in control to some degree by the thoughts we hold. Some have much more skill to that effect and can attest to the legitimacy of manifestation. Some cannot or don't care to experience it and conclude that it isn't real. If my ability to do something were my litmus test for it being a real thing or not, I would not believe in much.

Some need proof but not just any evidence, personal verification. They need to be able to experience it themselves, or it isn't true. In the case of manifestation, this is not only improbable but subject to so many variables such as timeframe, belief system, faith, etc., one cannot possibly demonstrate in a general way how manifestation works for everyone.

It is a personal journey and one that only the beholder knows in his or her heart to be real. If you can think back to when you wanted something so bad and got it, then my friend, you manifested it. I don't care what it took to get it done if you worked your butt off or all the stars aligned to bring you what it was you were focusing on; you manifested it.

Maybe these were my facts

When I set out to write this post, I was gearing up to make sure I put together enough material so that you, the reader, would see the truth of what I have discovered. That my documentation and references to government agencies and such would serve as ironclad illustrations of my argument. However, unless the discussion is what does 2+2 equal, it is all open to personal interpretation. I know there is a power greater than myself, that I have a purpose in this life, and that I seem to produce more of what I want for that purpose when I focus on it. That is my genuine and honest experience. It may not be yours.

When it comes down to the basics of life, I prefer to go through it with an outlook that brings me hope, clarifies my aspirations, and allows me to be at peace. I could not experience those things without the understanding that I am in control of my own life's manifestation. There may be obstacles and misunderstandings, but I know I can get there from here for the most part. I am not sure I would have been a Gateway Process master or even have made the grade, but I feel the possibility that if I trust myself and never give up, manifestation will always be real.

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