Is the Law of Attraction Real?

Is the Law of Attraction Real?

Many of us do not believe in something unless we see it. We often look for evidence before we completely believe in it. So, how are we going to know if the law of attraction is real when it requires us to believe in something before we can make it happen?

The law of attraction is all about a belief wherein the universe is creating and providing you with the things you are focusing on. If you believe that you can have a profitable business, gain new properties, or manifest money, for instance, then that's what you will get.

Like attracts like, be it good or bad. Regardless of what other people tell you, no other activity in the world could influence your thoughts if you truly believe in it. In other words, you will experience and become what you think the most.

The law of attraction can be compared to energy like gravity. It’s a scientific fact that energy is around you. It is made up of positive and negative particles. Besides, this belief will also teach you about the feeling and attraction with purpose. When you write out your desires, it will bring more positive force towards them.

Unknowingly, the law of attraction is being applied to your daily life. For example, you are thinking about your college friend, then suddenly that person calls you out of the blue. You might see it as an odd occurrence and consider it as a coincidence.

However, as many people say “there’s no such thing as coincidence”.

Just like gravity, the law of attraction exists. Think about how you feel and what you are thinking when you are feeling this way. Are you down and all of a sudden problems are amplified in your life. Are you on an upswing emotionally and it seems like nothing could occur in your life to get you upset? If you have the feelings for an extended period of time either way does it seem like your reality tends to follow your emotion? This is The Law of Attraction and it is real.

How Does Law of Attraction Really Work

If you really want something, then think about it everyday or say it a million times. Make sure to write down your desires and brainstorm ideas everyday. These ideas should lead you in the direction of the thing you want.

However, when people become more eager to achieve something, they become desperate to attract something. As a result, it doesn’t usually happen.

You may really need what you desire, but you do not have to be desperate. This will only attract something with a wrong mindset. If you keep on thinking desperately, you will attract more of the same.

You can start practicing the law of attraction with simple exercises or experiments. Choose something you desire to manifest in life that you can be careless. That way, you will not be too attached to it. Once you achieve it, you will be that happy.

Later on, when you need to manifest something that is very important, you can simply look back and remember the feeling of having what you desire. This will make you're manifesting on something important easier for you in the future.

Yes, it’s true that in order for the law of attraction to work the way you would like it to, you need to think and believe it. However, It can work both ways or not at all depending on your definitive and constant focus and attention or lack thereof. Focus on what you want, you will begin to see it come into your life. Focus on the problems in your life, you will see the compound, and finally don’t focus on anything and you will see a chaotic mix of an undefined mess that takes you through your days.

What is the Truth About Law of Attraction 

In the law of attraction, the result of your positive thoughts will always be positive outcomes. The same way for negative thoughts, they will lead to negative consequences.

As you go deeper in getting familiar with the law of attraction, you will discover more interesting things about it.

Believing and Living As If You Already Accomplished Your Goals 

The law of attraction will teach you that the best way to manifest thoughts into things is by believing and living as if you already achieved your goals. You don’t need to create something through action. The time for action will come naturally to you if you believe and develop a habit of focus without doubt. If you continue to raise this vibe within your daily routine, then more and more you will be inspired to act and you will create a habit out of it.

Challenges are Equivalent to Negative Thoughts 

When you theoretically achieve your goals, challenges will be out of your way. You need to avoid them as they are considered as negative thoughts. In order for you to control your thoughts with ease, you have to realize that thinking of what you don’t want will only attract more of the thing you do not want to your experience.

Acknowledging and planning for challenges have a lot of benefits to achieving goals. However, the law of attraction doesn’t allow them.

Making No Plans 

Since the best way to achieve your goals is by living as if you already achieved them, then making plans should be out of the picture. Making plans only shows the universe that you are lacking faith in its ability.

When you doubt, you will attract more negative thoughts. Your job is to trust the universe that it can figure out how to manifest your desire instead of doing it by yourself.

Establish No Timeline or Deadline 

Living as if you already accomplished your goals require no reasons to establish timeline or deadline. The universe takes no time in manifesting what you want. While establishing timeline to achieve goals and success, the law of attraction does not allow setting a deadline in order for the universe to achieve your goals.


Invoking the law of attraction means you need to live in an unreal future. You have to anticipate that will become real once you visualize a successful outcome and achieve your goal. So, faith in the universe is important in the law of attraction.

Instead of thinking about challenges, actions, and plans, you need to focus on the result. You need to disregard the present. This will result to greater happiness and life satisfaction.

Placebo Effect 

As ineffective and inactive substances, positive effects can be attributed to placebos. When you have greater beliefs and expectations that something will happen, you will have a greater chance to create positive responses.

As you probably know, your mind is a powerful tool. You can either increase or decrease blood pressure and heart rate through visualization. So, if you have a firm belief that something will work, then it will.

A lot of people have more success with the law of attraction for the smaller things without a vision board. This belief is better than pulling apart a wishbone or tossing a coin in the fountain.

Scientific Facts About Law of Attraction 

As many people want to know of law of attraction really exist, they have discovered the following scientific facts about this belief.

Visualization Can Result to a Better Future 

According to Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging in London, if you will visualize a better future, then you make that kind of future real. The law of attraction says that vivid and daily mental images of a better future will help in achieving that life. The neurologists noted that people’s ability to build hypothetical scenarios in their imagination may lead to better accuracy to predict the eventual outcome.

The Role of Mirror Neurons to the Spread of Good Vibrations 

One of the most interesting things that you will learn from practicing the law of attraction to be a happy and open person. You can induce positive responses with other as well as vibrate on high frequencies.

The mirror neurons which are neurons that reflect the behavior we observe can explain the way you attract success, generosity and kindness, and spread good vibes towards others. For instance, when your friend sees you with positivity, he or she will act positively towards you as well.

Based on studies on the emotional center of the brain called “amygdala”, when you are feeling anxious or fearful, you will include the feelings of anxiety or fear in other people. The same way with the law of attraction, thinking negatively can prevent human connection, love, well-being, and success.

The Power of Positive Thinking 

Several medical journals support the power of positive thinking. Ji Young Jung together with other Korean researchers discovered the strong connection between positive thinking and overall life satisfaction. This supports the beliefs of scholars who suggested that some positive thinking exercises can help boosting the manifestation potential.

As an approach for psychological interventions, the authors of the medical journal article noted that the findings offer that positive thinking can promote life satisfaction.

The Use of Affirmations 

The psychological literature supports the use of affirmation, which is another key tool in the law of attraction. According to one researcher at the University of Exeter, people who tell themselves that they can achieve a goal in a consistent manner have better chances of securing a positive outcome.

Meanwhile, affirmations are known to be helpful in boosting physical health, aiding the treatment for depression, enhancing anticipatory planning, and recovering from trauma.

Limiting Beliefs Are Inherited 

According to genetics, you can inherit limiting beliefs. So, do not feel guilty if you have limiting beliefs. Instead, you can take an effort to determine and alter them. Once you stop blaming yourself for the negative beliefs, you can then manifest effectively.

Working Law of Attraction from the Inside-Out 

People mistakenly believe that the Law of Attraction is only all about visualizing things they want most. They assume that when they ask for a new property, they see themselves living in a million-dollar home. This thought is a big misconception.

External things do not create your happiness, so you cannot visualize your way to what it is that you want. Your life as well as the things things you experience external are considered as the result of what you can create yourselves first.

Keep in mind that this belief is about swapping a negative thought for a positive one. Instead of focusing on what you want less of, it should be what you want more of in life. That is because it will help you to feel good. Once you felt good about yourself as well as your life, it’s a lot easier for you to start getting the best out of it.

Will Law of Attraction Work for Me?

The first step in using the law of attraction is by creating subtle shifts to your attitude. You need to maximize your positive energies until they start manifesting reality.

Whenever you have a bad day, you can use it as a perfect time to explore the power to build and alter the course of your day. Make sure to have a commitment with yourself to listen to your thoughts and words more carefully within a day. Besides, choose to use positive words not only to yourself, but also to others. Once you noticed that your attitude and mood are improving, you can mentally note how you want to start the course of your day.

Maybe, when you are new to law of attraction, you are looking for evidences that it really exist. Once you found these evidences, make sure to celebrate them. That is because they will not help in keeping your positive thoughts and energy strong, but also deliver you small yet essential slithers of proof Cognitive Momentum or CogMo if you will,  and give you power to change the course of your day and keep it on track.


The Law of Attraction is real indeed. If you don't want to believe in it or worse, don't practice any of the skills to incorporate it into your lifestyle, your life will be a menagerie of chaos and inconsistent wins and happiness. Sure you will have moments of pleasure and good feelings of accomplishment. However, you will forever be at the whim of the universe and others pushing and pulling you in all kinds of different directions.

If you get nothing else from this article or this website, get this: “Be conscious of your thoughts and know that they determine your manifestations.” You truly can turn a moment around from a bad one to a good one by simply changing your perspective. You can't avoid getting upset or even angry but you can notice it once you begin to go down that path, and decide to change it. Have a trigger word or phrase. Mine is “Psycho Projection.” If at any time, and believe me there are plenty of these times, I catch myself going down a path, whether it be anger, resentment, jealousy or any other destructive thinking, I simply call out the phrase, “Psycho Projection,” and it stops me in my tracks. I also have a set of go-to thoughts that can turn any bad mood into one of gratitude and appreciation and I immediately begin to recall those thoughts. I works every time.  I have an affirmation I use that speaks to this very technique. “If you feel off, your alignment is always just a thought or two away.”

So, take it or leave it as they say but really what is it going to hurt if you just give it a try?


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