Step 3 Start To Create Your Daily Momentum

The CogMo System Step 3 - Start to create your daily momentum

Are you ready? Here we go. Don’t hesitate and don’t look back. In Step 1 you learned how to clear out all the clutter in your life and figure out who and what is important enough to keep around. In Step 2 you went through the mental exercise of discovering why you want to go on this journey and what is going to keep you on this path.

Today you begin to formulate and organize your tasks ahead of you in order to begin to create the Cognitive Momentum that will propel the massive change in your life. To do this I will introduce to you a free application to use to begin this process as well as the two reasons why we need to create lists, accomplish tasks and practice new things. I am talking about Neuroplasticity and your Recticular Activating System or RAS.

Most folks think this creative visualization stuff is just silly pretending and has no use or meaning but I am going to completely dispel that notion in this one simple post. I am going to show you how thinking positive, acting on your positive plans and tasks actually reformulates the physical brain (Neuroplasticity) and begins to filter out the bad thoughts and bombard you with the good ones (RAS).

Todoist is a to do list on steriods

“Set tasks not goals, if  you want better results set better tasks.”

Antone Damian

Download this app immediately. It is free and you can find a link to it on our resources page. It is a fantastic app for organizing your tasks as well as keeping you going during the day. As we all know procrastination gets to all of us. However, I am a firm believer that it is not procrastination that is the problem. it is the overwhelm that disorganization presents that is the culprit. As you can see in this video Todoist helps break down all of your tasks, in a simple and easy to use and understand format.

– action
Download the app and begin to implement the tasks associated with your results from Step 1. These tasks should be simple and concise so that you have no problem accomplishing them. Some are daily recurring some are a one-time task but all should be taking one step closer to the GDA’s you created earlier.

- Neuroplasticity is the key to understanding why this stuff works

It used to be common belief that once you passed through a certain part of your physical growth or age, your brain no longer had the ability to change or grow either. As with the common thought that cigarettes were good for you back in the 50’s this was one of the dumbest and most debilitating beliefs ever to have been conceived. As we now know, Neuroplasticity is a process by which your brain can change through thought and practice. In the simple but explanation in the video below you will begin to see why it is so important to think positive thoughts and practice positive actions at all times. You see this Neuroplasticity thing can go both ways.

– action
In my Todoist app I have several things I do on a daily basis such as pray, read or watch something educational or inspiring, visualize, meditate and write in my journal, to name a few. These tasks are quick, easy and I always feel better when I am doing them and after I have completed them. Find what it is that gets you in that productive state and do it every day.

- Recticular Activating System - RAS - Control what stays in your Consciousness

“If you think about the problem the problem gets bigger if you think about the solution the solution gets bigger.”

12 Step Meeting

Have you ever bought a new car and then seen it everywhere on the planet? This is your RAS at work. It filters in the stuff you create in your subconscious as important stuff or stuff you focus on and filters out the not so important stuff or stuff you don’t focus on so much. This is a great deal if you use it to your advantage. However, it has not ability to decifer what is positive information and what is negative. it will just give you want you focus on. Watch the video below and I dare you to ever thing a limiting or negative thought again.

– action
With the tasks you have no created, begin so see the fruition of what accomplishing those tasks will bring you. Do some simple affirmations every day. YouTube has awesome videos for this that go on for hours. Visualize what it would be like to be actively accomplishing your GDA’s. If you do not know what a GDA is that click the Start Over button at the bottom.

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