Step 4 Creative Routine – The Foundation of Every CogMonian​

The CogMo System Step 4 - Routine - The Foundation for Every CogMonian

All of the CogMo Steps are designed to build on one another, but step 4 – Creative Routine does more of a piggyback on Step Three – Create Your Daily Momentum. The reason is we are now going to use what we created with Todist or whatever task method you may be using and begin to build a foundation for our daily habits that will be the foundation of our CogMo.

I call this step “Creative Routine” because it will remain flexible and evolve with your journey. Sometimes images that are conjured when the word routine is heard are images of stagnation and monotony. I encourage anything but, however, there have to be core precepts that set your direction but that allow you to expand, mature and even transition without stopping or even slowing your CogMo.

- Design your Core Precepts

Now that you have decided upon your primary GDA, and you have your “Why”  you can begin to establish the pool of routines you will want to incorporate on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. I use the word pool because these routines will vibrate between each other on a daily basis. This isn’t to say you should just do whatever you feel like doing that day willy-nilly. No, you have to constitute a path. A path that can twist, turn and traverse but nevertheless remain on the same thoroughfare going in the same direction. Much like the image above, full of messy paint brushes, colors and discarded paint strokes but all denoting an artist with a vision.

– action
Concoct a concept of purpose whereby you can begin to fill with tasks that support and ultimately build towards that purpose. For instance, if you building a business utilizing the technique of content marketing, think about your writing intervals, topic development, and style. Remember you do not have to be so regimented as to say I need 5 topics a day so that I will write 1 post a day, every day. Remember the whole idea of Cognitive Momentum is to stay in motion and be aware that you are in motion. Once we get more into reflection you will see what I mean by this but for now and in this example if for the next three months you have consistently pursued, researching and creating topics that have led to executing content for your business (no matter how many) then you are truly a Cogmonian.

Take emotion out of it

Folks love to say, “Do something your are Passionate about.” I am not going to disagree with this advice in the sense that it is probably an advantage to be passionate about what you do day in and day out, however, most get this all mixed up. So lets clarify where your passions may lie. It is really quite a simple test to find out. So here it is, if you will do something for free just for the sheer pleasure of doing it or better yet you have been doing it for free for a while, i.e. a hobby, there is a good chance you are passionate about it and will find a way to make money with it most of the time if that is what you choose to do. Despite popular belief, this is very uncommon. Most folks dabble. They have many hobbies, quit them and pick up many more and usually don’t become very good at any of them, i.e., “A Jack of All Trades.”

The one caveat about your passions is there might not be a way to monetize them. If revenue is not a goal of yours than you have no worries but if it is, either think out of the box and find a way to monetize your passion or choose a niche that  you might be a little less passionate about but that can create income.

The good news is if you are or are not passionate about what you do it doesn’t matter because I think we can all agree that success breeds passion and routine breeds success. So take the emotion out of it, execute your routine, find success and you will be passionate about it.

– Action
Execute your tasks consistently without emotion. Don’t feel one way another about writing that post, calling a client, creating that widget, just do it. Remember in the introduction to this system I talked about the next right action simply being the action itself. So take the action and create a habit (hint this is the next step) of doing so and it is amazing how after a while you won’t be able to stop yourself from taking action, building on your routine and learning and evolving in your space. I swear once you begin to go down this road you will try to avoid getting things done and you won’t be able to because your routine will create habits that stick. Now this sounds like you will just bey busy all the time but the exact opposite is true. You will begin to get things done so efficiently, you won’t believe the extra time you will have on your hands. Nke, best slogan ever, “Just Do It!”
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