Step 5 Create a Time Capsule Journal


The CogMo System Step 5 - Create a Time Capsule Journal

Just imagine remembering what you were thinking today last year. Even better what were you thinking, where were you on this day 5 years ago. Now you can with the concept of a Time Capsule Journal. I just recently came across this idea as I have been using Penzu for just over a year not and they have two really cool features that allow you to accomplish this with very little effort. Below is a video detailing the process I describe in this post. If you more of a visual person you can go ahead and watch the video to see how we use this tool to build CogMo!

- Patterns tell us everything

“Doing things over and over again the same way and expecting a different result.”

I know you know the now old definition of insanity right? Well, what if you didn’t know you were doing things over and over again the same way?  I have discovered in my life that the biggest threat to my growth is not that I don’t know certain things but it’s that I don’t know that I don’t know them. Being able to see the patterns over and over again even if it takes years will not only allow you to see what you couldn’t recognize before but it will awaken you to the possibilities of change and help sustain your CogMo! This practice will prove invaluable to your continued awareness of flaws, behaviors, and thought processes you didn’t even realize you had or engaged in before. 

– action
Get the link to Penzu from our resources page now or download the app on your phone. Watch the video above and write your first post. Make sure you time stamp it and add the time capsule feature to the post so it will send you an email reminder of the post next year. Try write your journal entries on the same day so that as each year goes by you will be able to see yourself literally evolve before your very eyes. 

- Make it a priority and stay consistent

I know that this direction is given in almost everything we do. However, this is a simple task that will bring yo so much awareness of who you are, who you want to be and how to get there. My observation is most success happens because of relentless persistence. I truly believe that 98% of life is just showing up. What does that mean? It means you show up to do the work but you are detached from the result. Therefore failure is 98% not showing up. Does that mean that most folks do not want to work or they are just flat our lazy. Well, not lazy but uninspired. You see for most, engaging in a process like this would be a futile exercise. One that takes too much time and will most likely reap no tangible rewards.Even worse most folks will not even be exposed to an idea like this much less put it into practice and they will not know what they don’t know. You are here, you have read, will you act?

– action
Set a time each day to go and create a post. It does not have to be long or even of any substance. It could be how you are feeling today or what you plan to do that day. Use the idea prompt in Penzu to come up with ideas. By the second year you will have a great time reading about where you were the year before and you will be off and running. You will see how far you have come or what you need to work on more but most of all you will be in motion and growing which is where we all want to be.

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