CpgMo System


Create and Sustain Your Cognitive Momentum

Be patient in all that is unsolved and love the questions themselves.

Rainer Maria Rilke

Every moment in life we have a choice to recognize where we are and make a decision on what to think and do next? Right here, right now you are in a certain mood, situation or life event and you have two choices, stay there or move on. If we stay there, even in victory, we are stagnant and growth-less. If we move on we create and sustain Cognitive Momentum.

In some circles this is described as taking the next right action. The question then becomes, “How do we no what the next right action is?” The answer is very simple, the next right action is the action itself.

  • Once an action is taken it then puts our being in motion.
  • Once in motion, we tend to stay in motion.
  • If we stay in motion, we learn from our previous action and take yet another action.
  • This creates momentum.
  • Being aware that we are engaging in this process creates Cognitive Momentum!

Start now and begin your journey into this positive motion. As you read this know that there was once a time where it was being written with no understanding of where it might lead. The action of creating The CogMo System was as pure a leap of faith as there ever was. Yet it became what it is today through the process of thought, belief and connection. If you click on the “Start Here” button below, you will in effect be choosing the Red Pill! Life will never be the same as you see it right now.

This is not to say that you will have this grand spiritual experience complete with visions, voices from beyond and an awesome inspired musical score. If you do great, tell me about it. I, for one have never experienced such a thing. No, most transformations come in the form of a very subtle aha which compel you to move on and discover more. So please indulge yourself in the possibilities. You just might discover a path that you have never seen or taken before.

Step 1 – Clear the Clutter