Thought, Belief Connection

Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where the fruit is?

Frank Scully

Most folks go through life reacting to it. Not really consciously deciding what to think, what to believe and how to connect with that belief. There are so many instances in my life where I have, for some reason or another, focused on a particular want or desire and after looking back upon several stages in my life, not even aware of it at the time, I would realize I had actually obtained that which I had been focusing on for so long. Now it wasn't always the exact thing, situation or event that I had been imagining but it was always close enough to see that my active thoughts played a roll in bringing it into my reality.

From these experiences and many other reasons, such as mentors, study and research and various participatory challenges in my life, self-created or otherwise, I began down a road of belief in something greater than myself. I was raised a Catholic, was an alterboy and engaged in most if not all of the sacrimentary deluge one might experience growing up in that religous tradition but that is not what I am talking about here. I came to believe that there is a higher purpose to all of our lives and that none of us truly discover what that HP is until we die, if even then, however I feel I am here to do all I can to get closer to that understanding every day.

From that belief, I realized that my mission was to develop any knowledge, skill or power I possibly could to connect to that HP, because only connection, no matter how large or how small, could facilitate or further that understanding.

Cognitive Momentum is a philosophy that believes you are aware that you are creating and sustaining initiative, achievement and purpose in your life through Thought, Belief and Connection. What you think about determines your belief system which allows you to connect with your higher purpose. In other words we can create momentum in our lives, be aware of it and keep it going until we die. This Cognitive Momentum, this knowing of what we continue to create, keeps us connected to our higher purpose and opens all kinds of doors to all kinds of possibilities.

…but be careful, thought is a double edge sword, it must be mastered and managed well or belief will wither and the connection will be lost.

Keep Life Moving – Direction Matters Mistakes Don’t